Truck leash harness system for Shadow

Truck leash harness systems that allow you to bring your four-legged friends along in comfort and safety with our “Bound to Ride” truck leashes for dogs. Let the wind blow through their hair while they travel safely, secured with these easily adjusted straps made of heavy nylon webbing. This restraint system will fit small to full size pickups, and SUV’s.
This truck leash has adjustable straps with a swivel snap hook on each end that attaches to each side of the truck. Once these straps are in place, you hook your dog’s leash to the center ring, giving your dog a safe, secure system to confine him to the bed of the truck. When your ride is done, simply attach the leash strap to the “Leash Handle” (sold separately), and continue on your way. This pivoting handle prevents tangling when walking more than one dog. Now you can enjoy walking them (or they can walk you) while leaviTruck leash harness system dog_printng one hand free to carry your coffee, umbrella, cell phone, pooper-scooper, or morning paper. Shop Now…!!

“ All products are yellow lab tested”

Available Colors: Blue, Purple, Black, Teal, Navy Blue, Kelly Green, Burgundy, Olive Green, Turquoise, Red and Brown.

Truck leash harness system colors

Truck leash harness system made in USA